Let’s Put an End to Annual Physicals

The health care provider looked in my ears, shined a light-weight in my eyes and mouth, and listened to my heart and lungs with his stethoscope, just before ending the examination with this: “Turn your head and cough, sir.” I did what I was advised, but the entire working experience felt absurd. This was not a actual physical I’d scheduled or desired. And the previous time any health care provider had asked me to flip my head and cough—a hernia exam—Nixon was president and I was twelve, in my skivvies together with 30 other boys, lined up in a chilly Michigan gymnasium, obtaining cleared for basketball.

The examination was demanded mainly because the medical center, exactly where I have worked as an crisis room medical doctor for 30 a long time, had just obtained my medical doctor team. I and a hundred colleagues had been technically new staff members, necessitating

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