Do Peer Reviewers Prefer Significant Results?

I’ve extended been producing about complications in how science is communicated and printed. 1 of the most effectively-known fears in this context is publication bias — the tendency for results that validate a hypothesis to get printed additional easily than those people that really do not.

Publication bias has many contributing aspects, but the peer evaluate procedure is broadly seen as a vital driver. Peer reviewers, it is broadly considered, are likely to glimpse additional favorably on “positive” (i.e., statistically sizeable) results.

But is the reviewer choice for positive results truly accurate? A not long ago printed review implies that the impact does exist, but that it is not a enormous impact.

Scientists Malte Elson, Markus Huff and Sonja Utz carried out a intelligent experiment to establish the effect of statistical significance on peer evaluate evaluations. The authors were being the organizers of a 2015 meeting to which researchers submitted

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