8 Factors to Consider When Finding a Mobile Operator in Sweden

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Compared to internet providers, the list of mobile operators in Sweden is not that long. They are; Telia, Telenor, Tele2, and Tre. 

However, the list of the factors you need to consider before picking one of them may be a bit long. Here is a guide on how to find the best mobile operator in Sweden;

  1. Compare their reviews 

To analyze an operator’s performance in the market you need to compare and contrast what people say about them.

An operator may publicize all the positive information about their services and leave out the negatives. 

You can find honest reviews about all mobile operators in Sweden from independent review websites like OmdömesStälle

Just to be sure you have taken time to weigh your options, you may start by looking at Telenor operators and compare their services to all the other operators.

Your key factors when comparing reviews should be what am about to list down below. Look at the general response from people who have used the services before and if you like the feedback, it should be a good call to go with that operator.

  1. Geographical coverage

Different mobile operators have different geographical coverage of their networks.

Urban areas are mostly considered to have higher and even faster network connections in terms of mobile operations services. 

In Sweden, Mobile operations services are quite evened out in terms of availability in the urban and rural areas.

What sets them apart in terms of geographical coverage is network provision outside the Country. 

Some of these mobile operators have their services outside Sweden to the neighboring countries, while others have extended their services to cover the EU countries. 

Even farther you can find an operator but offer international services using the same Swedish network service. 

The wider geographical coverage you can get the better it shall be for you.

  1. Services offered

It is also important to know the type of services you’re getting from your mobile provider.

There is a wide range of telecommunication services offered by most mobile operators in Sweden.

The general services you should expect from your provider include; 

  • Airtime calls (Minutes) 
  • Video calls 
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Internet connection and download speed  

Some of these mobile operators choose to set their business apart from others by offering value-added services(VAS). 

Examples of VAS are; mobile games, IM services, music, online storage among others.

  1. Internet services 

You will find some operators extending their services to provide internet services. In case you don’t want to sign up for a different internet provider, you may perhaps look at some of the internet services provided by these mobile operators. 

Mobile operations services and internet services may come at a higher price but you can find an all-in-one package from a provider. 

However, if you would rather get internet from a different internet provider then they are a lot of internet service providers in Sweden. 

Some of these internet providers are branches of mobile operators while some are completely independent and are often cheaper.

  1. Pricing 

Telecom and mobile operations services are regulated by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, however, this Regulation does not assure that pricing will be the same. 

Mobile operators get to set their pricing and prepare plans and packages for their customers.

The four major mobile plans are;

  • SIM 
  • Prepaid
  • Contract, and;
  • Bundle plans.

What will help you narrow down your options on what mobile plans you should go for will be your period of stay in Sweden as well as how much you are willing to spend. 

  1. Customer service 

One important business asset any operator has is how they communicate to their customers.

The mobile operator of your choosing should have fast customer service and customer assistance.

How an operator responds to customer complaints is also important because it shows you that they care about the services they offer and the response they get from it. 

  1. Compatible devices 

It is not uncommon to find mobile operators that only allow SIM-only services. When choosing an operator consider the option of having their services connected to other devices for instance a router. 

  1. Language

Finally, always look at the languages options you have. Many operators communicate through English but there’s an option of translation. 

If the services are not provided in English it is going to be difficult for you to navigate through the use and enjoyment of the service.

The customer care services should also have the option of allowing the customer to speak in English.