Follow these white hat SEO tricks to rank well without breaking any rules!

SEO and its rules have not been black and white lately. What you thought was the right thing to do a few months back is no longer valid! Search engines have come up with many updates and news – some of which we’re aware of, while we have no idea of a few.

Before digging into what to do, let’s understand what white hat SEO means,

This term refers to all the tricks we use that are aligned with the terms and conditions laid out by the search engines. Any legit practice that puts your website on the top of the search engine results page is considered a white hat SEO technique.

Failing to follow the said rules might fetch you a heavy penalty. Over a billion people visit the search engine every single day. When you practise illegal techniques, the search engine has the authority to ban you. And this means that you lose a significant amount of your business!

Here are some right tricks for you to follow,

Content is the king

It isn’t just about creating mediocre content anymore. You need to improve the technicalities and enhance the quality for people to start noticing you. The search engine reckons the website depending upon various factors.

Elements like the article’s length, anchors, keyword distribution etc, play a crucial role in determining where your website stands on the search results page. Ensure that your keywords are content-related and appropriate for the correct time and age.

Email marketing

If you think social media and blogging are the only way to attract attention then, you need an upgrade. Email marketing has been around for quite some time already. An email lets you speak to thousands of people all at once!

And the impressive part is, for every dollar you spend, its ROI is 4400%! Now that is quite some number. However, you might assume that finding contacts might be a daunting task – it is not anymore! is a great email finder tool that lets you access thousands of emails within just a few minutes!

ProTip: Not only can you use it to find potential leads but, it also helps you find B2B email addresses!

Website technicalities

Now, having highly engaging blog content is great! But, it’s of no use if your website is slow at the response. By the way, do you know that you will lose more than half of your visitors if the website page doesn’t load within the first 7 seconds?

It sure might sound scary at a glance, but it’s true. The internet is faster than you think it to be. So, be assertive and reduce all the redundant codes, heavy images and unnecessary content. Ensure that the website is compatible with smartphones. It is another rule that search engine crawlers consider. They will push you to the top of the search results when it finds that you are following every legit trick in the book!

Final thoughts

These are a few tricks that are very significant for your business growth. Some things that you should not do are, keyword stuffing, content cloaking or link farming. These might get you instant results but, it’s not ideal for the long run (or at least until the search engine catches you!).