Human-robot collaboration is one of the most important ways Volkswagen is improving efficiency in its plants

Volkswagen is repeatedly bettering the performance in its principal passenger car or truck production facility in Wolfsburg. Past 12 months by yourself staff members participated in four hundred workshops on efficiency actions at the plant. And one of the areas that permitted to arrive at a excellent advancement in efficiency is human-robotic collaboration.

Robots and humans get the job done hand in hand in Volkswagen factories. Listed here a robotic applies primer for aspect window gluing, then digicam system checks good quality. Image credit rating: Volkswagen

Effectiveness in production services is very significant. It performs a sizeable element in the end price of the item – car or truck in this situation. Personnel are always giving their tips how to boost efficiency and Volkswagen implements ones that have the most probable. Just one of the areas that saw the greatest advancement in efficiency was welding. As you could possibly envision, there is pretty a bit of welding in a car or truck manufacturing facility. In advance of, ultrasonic welding was done manually or semi-manually. Now every weld is inspected mechanically with ultrasound and this information transferred to an IT system in serious time.

Even extra extraordinary is the way that Volkswagen has implemented human-robotic collaboration in its Wolfsburg plant. Human-robotic collaboration signifies that human staff and robots are no longer doing the job on completely individual tasks. Instead, they are doing the job on one job at the identical time. Protection is ensured by good processes and sensors instead of traditional obstacles. In other text, robots and men and women are doing the job hand in hand like coworkers.

Just one of these kinds of areas, the place robots and humans can get the job done collectively, is checking and modifying the alignment of motor vehicle headlamps. There a human personnel sits in the car or truck and turns on the headlamps as necessary. Then the robotic adjusts the beam for it to be ideal and not blind other street end users. This collaboration was established last 12 months. This 12 months Volkswagen is enabling robots to install the doorways, which will incorporate measuring the gaps all all-around and sending this information to a different IT option for even more evaluation.

Robots are an vital element of an economical manufacturing facility. Volkswagen is likely to employ them extra and extra in all phases of production. It is very significant that humans are not still left out possibly. Despite the fact that robotization is likely to acquire some get the job done from men and women, it will not automatically rob them of jobs.


Resource: Volkswagen