Roborock S5 Max hands-on: Superb dust collection from a multi-function robot vacuum Review

The idea of automatic mopping while accumulating dust appeals to me, so I was eager to exam the $600 Roborock S5 Max.

I have looked at the Roborock products line in the earlier, and have been seriously amazed with its suction capability and peaceful motors. The Roborock S5 Max takes this just one action additional with an built-in water tank and mopping module.

The Roborock S5 Max is a good, trendy robotic vacuum with 2000Pa suction and a battery that will cleanse for about two hours. Available in black or white, the S5 Max has a navigation process that scans the place and generates a map of the place to be cleaned.

This place can be configured with up to 3 zones in the Roborock application applying 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, so you can specify which zones are for mopping only and which zones are for vacuuming. These zones are practical, as the vacuum will conveniently get about thresholds of up to about just one inch, so if there is carpet across the threshold, you would will need to established the zone.

The dustbin is a acceptable size — 460ml — and does not will need emptying frequently. A seriously practical addition is that the filter cleaning brush for the S5 Max is beneath the deal with of the vacuum. I like this contact.

The 13 sensors and four cliff edge sensors indicate that the robotic does not crash into obstacles and moves again absent from ledges prior to any wheel goes about the edge of the ledge.

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The S5 Max rapidly and conveniently connects to the Roborock application, which has several practical characteristics. You can established the instances of automatic cleaning, make your mind up whether or not the robotic raises suction energy when it moves about the carpet, and decide on the do not disturb instances.

You can established distinctive instances for distinctive zones and decide on areas for the robotic to go to and start out cleaning.

A seriously practical aspect is that if the robotic detects that it does not have sufficient battery remaining for it to finish the area, it will return to its dock, top rated-up its charge and return to finish the place.

It also can be managed by voice for every zone applying Alexa while I did not use this aspect frequently. My cleaning regime is as arms-off as attainable, so I have a tendency to established an automatic agenda for certain instances and overlook it.

You can also see information and facts about how numerous hours the brushes and filters have been applied, and how substantially time is remaining prior to the things will need to be cleaned or replaced.

A “locate my robotic” connection activates the robot’s onboard voice, so you can identify it if it does not go again to the dock. In the course of the whole exam, the S5 Max did not get shed at all.

The vacuum system has a water tank that feeds the mopping module with cleanse water for mopping. The mopping module also has a compact tank and a mopping fabric set to the bottom of the tank.

The robotic also has a dampness-proof mat for the flooring at the docking station to make guaranteed that floors do not get harmed when the robotic returns to its base.


(Graphic: Eileen Brown)

The consumer manual suggests to set up the mopping module, fill the tank with water, and drive it together the bottom of the key unit subsequent the alignment mark. It will click on into spot to clearly show it is mounted appropriately.

I experienced considerable issues attempting to get the mopping module to connect to the bottom of the water tank. It was impossible to manual the mopping module together the bottom of the tank.

I took the water tank off the vacuum and tried using to slide the mopping module on to the water tank. It was extremely rigid and would not click on into spot. There are manual slots on the key water tank, and a just one-way catch to make it possible for the mopping module to click on into the gap in the water tank. In the photograph, the lug (outlined in red) is meant to clip into the gap outlined in yellow.

No matter how challenging I shoved the mopping module down its manual slots, I could not get the mopping unit to the right way seat beneath its tank.

I broke two nails attempting to get this firmly connected to the tank to no avail.

This suggests that the mopping unit trapped out from under the system of the vacuum, which is not accurate, in accordance to all of the films I watched.


(Graphic: Eileen Brown)

There is scant information and facts in the consumer manual on how to healthy the mopping tank to the water tank.

Without the need of the accurate seating of the tank, the application shows that the tank is not mounted, which suggests that I could not management the water movement.

I believe I might have wanted to use a hammer to get the tank into spot — something I was hesitant to do as I would have never been in a position to disconnect the two tanks to refill them all over again.

I was sad that I couldn’t get the mopping module sited the right way. Day by day mopping would have been a practical addition for me, specially as I experienced configured my mopping zones and my carpeted zones.

All in all, this is a seriously impressive vacuum cleaner with an uncomplicated to use (and join to) application and an built-in automatic mopping purpose. 

If you can take care of to get the mopping tank the right way seated beneath the key tank, then you will have a terrific multi-function robotic. I’m sad that it did not get the job done for me.