Simple Ways to Buy a Domain Name and Hosting for Your Website

With the world going digital, this can be the right time to turn the dream of being a website owner into a reality. To start a website, you need to buy domain and hosting. Let’s try to understand what is domain and hosting and how they can be purchased online.

What is Domain Name and Hosting?

The domain name is the name of your website. Also known as a website address, it is the name that people enter into the address bar of their browsers to reach a particular website. 

Hosting, on the other hand, is a service that connects a website to the World Wide Web. It is only when a website is connected to the internet that people will be able to access the website. Without getting too technical, one should know that a domain name and web hosting in India is needed to launch any new website on the internet. 

How to Purchase Domain and Hosting?

Purchasing a Domain

A domain name can be purchased from a domain registrar. The registrars are in the business of reserving domain names and assigning IP addresses to them. It is the job of the registrar to ensure that no two domain names are the same. 

As a website owner, you will have to select a unique name for your website. Domain availability can be easily checked by visiting any domain registrar. Apart from the domain name itself, the extensions, like .com, .in, .net, etc. matter as well. 

Depending on the domain name and extension selected, youhave to pay an annual fee to the registrar. The domain also needs to be renewed regularly. 

Purchasing a Hosting Plan

Most domain registrars are also hosting service providers and vice versa. This means that the domain name and a hosting plan can be purchased from the same company. While there is an option to buy a domain from one company and a hosting plan from another, things get easier when you buy domain and hosting from the same company. It is advised to opt for a reputed hosting provider. 

When it comes to hosting, there are different services available, such as:

  • Shared Hosting, 
  • Dedicated Hosting, 
  • VPS Hosting, 
  • WordPress Hosting, and more. 

If you are new to hosting, you should first try to know more about hosting types. Once you know this, selecting one for your website is easy.

Additionally, some of the hosting providers offer a free domain with their hosting plans. The domain is generally free for the first year, and the renewal fee is applicable after the free year. 

Making the Purchase

While the steps can vary based on the domain hosting provider selected, here’s an overview of purchasing a hosting plan that includes a free domain:

  • Visit the official website of the hosting provider.
  • Browse through the plans of the type of hosting service needed.
  • Select a plan and enter the preferred domain name.
  • If the domain name is available, proceed with the purchase.
  • Complete online payment, and the domain and hosting service will be active within a few hours.

Ensure to check the terms and conditions of the hosting provider, especially the pricing policies, before making the purchase. After completing these steps, the website would be active on the internet, and you can then start creating your website.