Speck Presidio case options for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: Hiding the camera bump

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Extremely 5G, see our whole review, launches before long and it is really a very massive phone with a substantial rear camera assembly. Speck’s new Presidio line integrates with the camera hump to make the again flat while offering fall and antimicrobial protection.

More than the previous 10 times I have been employing the Presidio Perfect Obvious with Grips, Presidio Perfect Obvious, and Presidio Pro on a Galaxy S20 Extremely 5G review unit. Though the two Obvious instances present off the phone very well, I’m a supporter of the black Presidio Pro with its tender contact finish and expert appear.

The instances array in price from $39.95 to $forty four.95 and there are assorted color choices for the Presidio Pro offered. There are also four much more choices in the Presidio line from Speck for this major new Samsung phone.

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