Erika Hersch-Green Wins CAREER Award for Biodiversity Research

Increasing quantities of nitrogen and phosphorus in terrestrial ecosystems direct to lowering
biodiversity, not only amid plant species, but in herbivores and pollinators as very well.

Globally, ecosystems adjust as the local weather does, responding to shifts in temperature
and the availability of h2o and vitamins and minerals these types of as nitrogen and phosphorus. These
shifts have an effect on plant group productiveness and range. Having said that, in normal we know
pretty little about how these adjustments materialize.

Erika Hersch-Inexperienced, evolutionary biologist and assistant professor of organic sciences at Michigan Technological College, has obtained a National Science Foundation Vocation award to examine how enhanced nitrogen and phosphorus availability across distinctive
temperature and h2o regimes alters the main productiveness of some plants, although
decreasing the growth of other individuals. Hersch-Inexperienced will examine how the quantities of vitamins and minerals
offered to plants decide which plants thrive or wither

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