2020 Ferrari F8 Spider first drive review: The perfect summer fling

The breadth of overall flexibility in modern supercars is staggering. A 710-horsepower Ferrari F8 Spider will make you laugh maniacally when you start it and rip your facial area off with its cornering pressure. But it’ll also operate errands with the docility of a Honda Accord. A pretty loud, pretty flashy Honda Accord.

Each individual new Ferrari has to be engineered to lap the hell out of Fiorano or Monza, even if most will never even see so substantially as the parking great deal of a race circuit. That makes a automobile like the F8 Spider astonishingly easy to reside with and appreciate each individual day — in particular on a heat summer afternoon in Southern California. But make no oversight, that doesn’t indicate it can be any a lot less thrilling. 

Steven Ewing/Roadshow
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