Allowing robots to feel | Technology Org

We humans have no trouble selecting up fragile or slippery objects with our palms. Our sense of contact allows us really feel regardless of whether we have a firm grasp on the object or if it is about to slip by our fingers, so we can change the strength of our grip accordingly. Robotic gripper arms tasked with selecting up objects that are fragile or slippery or have a sophisticated floor also require this kind of responses.

Robotics scientists at ETH Zurich have now developed a tactile sensor that could arrive in handy in just this sort of an instance – and marks what they see as a significant phase to “robotic skin”. The sensor’s particularly simple structure would make it inexpensive to develop, as the engineers place out. Basically, it is made up of an elastic silicone “skin” with colored plastic microbeads and a common digital camera affixed to

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