A Deep Dive With the Weirdest Fishes in the Sea

You are absolutely not authorized into the remote business office of Luiz Rocha, curator of fishes at the California Academy of Sciences. Employing particular scuba machines and methods, he dives 200, 300, even four hundred feet deep in waters off the coastline of the Philippines to an ecosystem that couple of men and women have laid eyes on, 1 that typically only submersibles can attain: the twilight zone, a bustling reef clad nearly entirely in darkness. He and his colleagues dive so deep, in reality, that to continue to keep from obtaining the bends, they have to choose various hours to very carefully ascend little bit by little bit, in some cases affording them only ten minutes to research an ecosystem nearly unknown to science.

But the twilight zone specimens that Rocha and his colleagues bring again to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, together with one of

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