Patent: Intelligent baby monitoring system with machine learning analysis and high-level reasoning

In this patent which was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on May possibly 5, 2020, inventors current the thought of a procedure and strategies to be used to monitor toddlers using movie cameras, enhanced with equipment studying algorithms for assessment of the visible ‘output signals’ which characterize diverse forms of baby movements.

Baby crib. Image credit: ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay (Free Pixabay licence)

Infant crib. Image credit: ErikaWittlieb by using Pixabay (No cost Pixabay licence)

The doc describes the used of personal computer vision and synthetic intelligence technologies to observe most of the region wherever toddlers shift in their crib and to gather the related information established which can later on be analyzed in get to extract visible features and other information bits, these as data on sleep and wake styles more than time, data of mom and dad or caretakers attending the crib, data on many measurements more than time (e.g. humidity, temperature, etcetera.).

This kind

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