Tips To Connect a Domain Name With a Reseller Server

Tips To Connect a Domain Name With a Reseller Server

Becoming a reseller web hosting provider is a really good business plan looking at the scope and growth of the web hosting sector. Even if there is a learning curve somewhere, it is not an impossible feat to achieve. 

You will have to understand the important aspects of reselling web hosting services in a short span of time. 

You might have a plan to buy a domain name, a reseller hosting server, or other hosting services. 

Or it might so happen that you might have to subscribe to another web and domain hosting service provider and already have a domain name for your business website. The first thing you will have to learn is how to connect a domain to a website.

You can just connect the existing domain name to your new reseller server. This blog will talk about how to connect a domain name with a hosting reseller provider without having any issues. 

How To Connect Domain Name With Reseller Hosting Provider?

  • New Reseller Hosting Plan

Connecting your new domain to your new server will require you to transfer the domain name through the nameserver. You can complete this procedure with the help of your email account.

  1. Through the customer registration section, Sign up or log into your account.
  2. Find the Domain List tab and click on the Manage button.
  3. Reach the nameserver and find your domain name system provider in the list.
  4. You will have to use the checkbox or selection method to choose your DNS provider. 
  5. Once that is done, the connection procedure will be completed in about 24 hours. 
  • Other Web Hosting Provider Account
  1. When you have an existing website hosting package with another web hosting provider, you can follow the given steps in order to connect your domain names.
  2. Sign in with your existing hosting account on the web hosting website. You will see a Domain List tab somewhere; click on it. In that tab, after this, you will select the My Domain List tab. Go to the Manage My Domain tab hereafter, and you will be redirected to a management panel.
  3. Select the Name Server tab and click on the DNS allotted to you from the customer domain list. Enter the domain hostname server.
  4. There is a provision where you can add multiple or configure multiple name servers at the same time. 
  5. After this procedure is completed, you can simply click on the Save Changes option to authenticate the changes. It will take approximately 24-48 hours to complete and save the changes with this process.


Connecting your reseller account to your domain name means pointing or transferring the content and data to the right direction and internet address. 

This is a necessary procedure for you to begin with your reseller’s business and sail smoothly. 

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