What Is The Future For Firearms?

10 Weapons of the Future That Are Being Developed Right Now

The recent advancements in the field of technology have reflected on better and more efficient firearm trends. Manufacturers are making effective and efficient firearms and appliances with technology, ensuring that the guns are more precise and safer. This is an indication that the future of firearms is bright since technology is constantly growing and developing. Future firearms will be better than current guns and are expected to be easy to use and effective while enhancing the user’s experience. Firearm history has come a long way, from guns loaded one bullet at a time to semi-automatic and automatic weapons, among others. This is a clear indication that firearms have a bright future and are likely to become better in their function.

Which are the expected firearm trends?

Most gun manufacturers are looking at the possibility of smart guns that use network technology to enhance the user’s safety and other people’s. The purpose behind smart guns is to create a gun that cannot be hacked or deactivated, leaving you vulnerable when you need the gun. Once smart firearms have been made available to the military, soon after, consumers will be able to have a piece of the action. Another advantage of smart firearms will be the ability to trace fired ammunition and will be able to provide relevant user information due to the installation of chips.

The AR-15 is considered the most common semi-automatic rifle by most gun enthusiasts and is slowly creating a path for next-generation military hardware. Since the army uses M-16s and M-4s, manufacturers have made it clear that they can make military hardware. This has led to the increase in competition for the military firearm contract of supplying firearms and equipment. The military has a lot to look forward to when it comes to weaponry and relevant appliances.

Besides advancements in rifles and handguns, another trend that is likely to revolutionize the weapon industry for both military and consumers is the HELLADS which stands for High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense Systems. This means that most manufacturers will be looking to create a high-energy laser capable of producing 150KW of energy, weighing less than 5kg for every KW of power produced. Currently, these systems are large and difficult to mount on trucks or other equipment. The aim for most developers in the industry will be to make the small and easily portable.

What are the advantages of using advanced weaponry?

The main purpose of constantly developing firearms is to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness without compromising the user’s safety and everyone in the surrounding. It also makes it possible for users to comply with gun rules and regulations since they will be connected via a network, making it possible to lock, track, and disable your weapon remotely.