The Success of Contact Tracing Doesn’t Just Depend on Privacy

How well a item is effective has always been a vital to its success—or failure. There is no shortage of tech items that have, despite their buildup, sooner or later missing individuals for the reason that they unsuccessful to operate as well as expected. There was Apple’s Newton, the Samsung Galaxy Fold extra recently, and let’s not forget about Juicero, a juicer that didn’t in fact do anything extra than give a bag of pre-processed juice a squeeze.

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Elissa M. Redmiles is a researcher at Microsoft Investigate and the Max Planck Institute for Application Devices. Gabriel Kaptuck is a PhD college student at Johns Hopkins College and a viewing fellow at Boston University’s Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering. Eszter Hargittai is a professor and holds the chair in Web Use and Society in the Communication and Media Research Department at the College of

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