10 Misconceptions About the 1918 Flu, the ‘Greatest Pandemic in History’

Pandemic: It is a terrifying phrase.

But the globe has noticed pandemics before, and worse kinds, far too. Consider the influenza pandemic of 1918, typically referred to erroneously as the “Spanish flu.” Misconceptions about it might be fueling unfounded fears about COVID-19, and now is an particularly superior time to proper them.

In the pandemic of 1918, amongst 50 and 100 million folks are believed to have died, representing as a great deal as 5% of the world’s population. 50 percent a billion folks ended up infected.

Primarily exceptional was the 1918 flu’s predilection for using the lives of in any other case balanced younger older people, as opposed to young children and the aged, who typically put up with most. Some have termed it the best pandemic in background.

The 1918 flu pandemic has been a regular topic of speculation over the very last century. Historians

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