Windows 10 May 2020 Update is bugging some users with false security warnings

Home windows 10 May possibly 2020 Update is leading to troubles with Home windows Defender, whereby Microsoft’s built-in antivirus answer is erroneously and continuously flagging up potentially dodgy applications which aren’t in fact on the Pc at all (getting been beforehand eradicated).

As of the new May possibly 2020 Update, Home windows 10 by default now identifies ‘potentially undesirable applications’ (PUAs, also identified as PUPs – ‘potentially undesirable programs’), and bargains with them, which is all well and fantastic in idea. On the other hand, the challenge is that when you run a scan with Home windows Defender, it’s constantly selecting up on PUAs which have already been dealt with.

So on each one scan, end users are reporting that they’re getting the similar (now non-existent) threats flagged up around and around.

As in depth in the grievances which have appeared on Microsoft’s assist discussion board (as noticed by

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