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10 important new features in Grafana 7.0

Since Torkel Ödegaard started off the Grafana open up source challenge in 2013, it has grown to grow to be one particular of the most well known dashboard systems in the world, with more than 550,000 energetic installations. Along the way, Grafana has had . releases each year. But Grafana seven. was certainly a big release for the challenge: It signifies a fundamental, method-vast progression.

At Grafana Labs, the enterprise guiding Grafana, we believe that vendors shouldn’t own observability techniques users and corporations do. And the variations we’ve designed in Grafana seven. go a prolonged way towards creating that philosophy a fact. We hope you will discover these new options as remarkable as we do.

Details transformations

Before Grafana seven., transformations were done as personalized options in every single details source plug-in or as aspect of a certain panel plug-in’s details processing — for case in point, the old desk panel’s transformation option and the Prometheus desk question mode. This question-level option triggers a basic details transformation that is done in the details source entrance-end code that transforms time collection labels to desk columns.

In Grafana seven. details transformations are now a main aspect of the details processing that happens ahead of the visualization stage, and are accessible to all details resources that return time collection with labels and all visualization styles. This indicates you can incorporate non time collection details with any other details in Grafana — be it details from an exterior database or a panel that already exists in one particular of your latest dashboards.

Listed here are some illustrations:

  • Re-purchase and rename desk columns.
  • Summarize different queries.
  • Include a personalized details calculation industry.
  • Reuse question final results (or streams) across a lot of panels, and every single panel can filter out certain components to visualize.
grafana data transformations Grafana Labs

Details inspection and export

Getting capable to perspective details underlying a visualization — specifically these that execute aggregations and rounding — can help confirm the visualization and troubleshoot issues with the question. In Grafana seven., a new panel inspector permits you to:

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