How to get RStudio Conference 2020 workshop materials free online

Even if you attended RStudio’s pre-conference two-working day coaching very last thirty day period, you could only go to a person workshop—and there were extra than fifty percent a dozen. Now, however, many components which includes slides and R code are available free of charge on line. Here’s how to get them.

Most of the code and slides have been posted on GitHub. If you really don’t have git model manage established up on your process, you can obtain a zipped file of any repository. But git and GitHub do make it simpler and extra exquisite. Examine out episode 33 of Do Much more with R beneath if you’d like to study about git and GitHub in RStudio:

Tidy time series and forecasting in R

Instructor Rob J. Hyndman, professor stats at Monash University, basically wrote the book on time series forecasting in R — not to point out the

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