MTU Engineers Zap and Unstick Underwater Smart Glue

With a smaller zap of electrical power, biomedical engineers at Michigan Technological University
just take an underwater wise glue prototype from sticky to not in 7 seconds.

Turning adhesion on and off is what helps make a glue wise. It’s one factor to do this
in the open up air and fairly another beneath h2o. Influenced by character, catechols are synthetic
compounds that mimic the damp-but-nonetheless-sticky proteins secreted by mussels and supply
guarantee for wise adhesives that do the job in h2o. The engineering could help with underwater
glue, wound dressings, prosthetic attachments or even earning auto components and in other

Smart Glue: Adhesives that can be turned on and off. (highlight
Biomedical engineers Bruce Lee and Saleh Akram Bhuiyan check catechol-that contains adhesives
to make underwater wise glue.

 About the Researcher


man in lab coat

Saleh Akram Bhuiyan

Study Pursuits

 Saleh is doing the job towards his PhD degree in biomedical engineering beneath the supervision
of Dr. Lee. He focuses on tuning the

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