2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S review: More, more, more

When Porsche declared a shift to turbocharging throughout practically the total 911 vary for the 991.2 technology, there was some issue that it might just undermine the legitimacy of the right Turbo. That is, the just one with the cash T and the swollen fenders and the swollen MSRP to match.


  • Outrageous pace and electric power
  • Legit practicality
  • May possibly just fly less than the radar

Don’t Like

  • Not as ostentatious as some may perhaps like
  • Highly-priced, natch

To allay people worries, Porsche did the only pure issue: It turned up the wick on the Turbo to epic proportions. And the 991.2 Turbo S was certainly epic. What to do for an encore, then? Somehow, Porsche dialed items up even even more, creating this, the $204,750 (which includes $one,250 desired destination), 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S. It is more rapidly than most supercars, as relaxed and simple as several luxury coupes and, as far as $200k-plus automobiles go, is actually equipped to fly considerably under the radar. At minimum, as opposed to anything like a McLaren GT.

If that comparison would seem like a stretch then you, dear reader, are significantly undervaluing the merits of this Porsche. It is an simple issue to do considering the fact that it appears to be like so significantly like any other 911. It is wider than a Carrera S, with 215-area-width, twenty-inch entrance tires and 21-inch rears measuring a massive 315 millimeters throughout. Ten-piston entrance calipers squeeze normal carbon-ceramic brake discs and you can find a movable wing out back again, but you can easily see how a non-fanatic would overlook all that.

The acquainted appears to be like right here, nonetheless, will not imply it is really any considerably less a performer than the McLaren GT. The 992 taste of the Porsche 911 Turbo S has far more electric power (640 horsepower vs. 612 in the McLaren), far more pace (205 mph vs. 203) and far far more acceleration, sprinting to sixty mph in 2.6 seconds vs. the McLaren’s 3.one. It even beats the GT’s fuel consumption by a hair — 24 miles for every gallon put together as opposed to 23.seven — and its starting selling price is $6,five hundred considerably less. 

There are no histrionics expected for entry into the Turbo S, you just open up the doorway in a correctly usual way and decrease your self into a correctly relaxed seat. Likewise, there are no theatrics to firing up the 3.eight-liter, twin-turbo flat-six. Just twist the ignition and the vehicle will come to stay with a growl that, even with the sport exhaust, is purposeful but very well small of overwhelming.

The normal eight-pace PDK dual-clutch transmission is connected to a revised differential set up, beefed up to cope with the massive electric power the Turbo S has this calendar year. Once again, 640 ponies are on provide, an raise of sixty in excess of the outgoing vehicle. To place that in context, the iconic 1960 Porsche 356B only manufactured sixty hp. In overall.

When you are talking about electric power figures previously mentioned 600 it can be complicated to detect boosts but, having invested several pleasurable miles with my foot to the floor in the earlier 911 Turbo S, I can assure you that the change right here is far more than perceptible. It is remarkable. It is borderline terrifying. After executing a examination launch I pulled in excess of, took out my notes, and wrote down two terms: “Holy shit.”

I’m not just one to swear frivolously, but this is eye-opening, neck-snapping stuff you are not liable to experience anyplace else this facet of an EV. Compared with an EV, you have a beautiful sound to go with it. Yes, both of those the Carrera S and Turbo S are spinning impellers now, but this machine features a suitably louder, deeper observe although nevertheless providing that distinct 911 snarl. This is a great-sounding machine.

2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S

The 911 Turbo S’ interior is dark, but clean and purposeful.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

It is just one that can cope with, also. The all-wheel-travel Turbo S weighs 3,636 kilos, just shy of 350 far more than the guide-equipped 911 Carrera S I reviewed not prolonged back. Yes, you can perception that more pounds when the roads get started to get attention-grabbing, but the Turbo by no means feels uncomfortable. It hoovers up road imperfections just like each and every other taste of 911, though the sensation of pace is a bit far more muted, making the experience a touch considerably less lively.

A good deal of that has to do with which driving mode you are in, toggled via the conveniently positioned knob on the wheel, as it is in other 911s. In Sport mode the vehicle is participating and enjoyment, but nevertheless calm and workable. In Sport Moreover items get far far more energetic — and, many thanks to the pop-up wing, your rearward see fairly far more constrained.

When all that gets also significantly, a twist of the knob dials the 911 Turbo S back again into sedate, grand-tourer territory. The eight-pace PDK transmission is practically as slippery as an vehicle. The sport exhaust quiets, but will not go mute. If you favor anything a bit far more symphonic, the $3,980 Burmester sound method is elegant. There is a great-sized frunk to swallow your roller baggage and, although the rear seats are as questionable as ever, they do at minimum fold down to kind a great parcel shelf. Actually only a considerably punishing journey in excess of broken roads ruins the enjoyment, but I’m guessing that opting out of the ten-millimeter decrease PASM suspension would support.

As it sits, this 911 Turbo S costs $233,680.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

That is just just one of the tasteful selection of options outfitted on the vehicle you see right here, which includes $one,510 for that suspension and $3,490 for the sport exhaust with chrome tips. Increase in $2,000 for adaptive cruise regulate, the aforementioned Burmester method and a number of other odds and ends, plus the $one,250 supply cost, and you are looking at $223,680.

That is practically 2 times the starting selling price of the divine 911 Carrera S I not long ago reviewed. Twice as enjoyment? Definitely not, but we both of those know that sporting activities vehicle economics will not perform that way. Issues only get appropriately attention-grabbing when you are very well previous the place of diminishing returns, and nonetheless this vehicle provides oh so significantly. In the grand plan of automobiles presenting massive pace and practicality, the 911 Turbo S — just like its Cabriolet counterpart — is king.