4 Main Ways to Repair a Broken Laptop Keyboard

The keyboard is one of the components of a laptop that is quite prone to damage. Starting from the keys that enter the wrong character, do not work partially, to not work completely. Therefore, this time will review several ways to repair the damaged laptop keyboard.

Usually, to repair a damaged keyboard, we must first know the cause, whether it was splashed with water, exposed to dust, and others. But unfortunately sometimes the laptop keyboard often crashes suddenly without knowing for sure what the cause is.

If that’s the case then we automatically have to try some emergency repair steps while figuring out what the cause of the damage is. Well, here are some of the emergency repair steps that you can do at home before deciding to take it to a service center.

1. Restart Laptop

Restarting the laptop is the first step you must take before taking other actions. Restarting the laptop can fix hundreds of problems with the operating system right away. If it doesn’t restart, you can press the power button for a few seconds until the laptop turns off. If after restarting the problem still exists, then please try the next steps.

2. Check Num Lock

Keyboards that don’t work properly are sometimes unintentionally caused by us. One of the most common is Num Lock activation due to pressing certain key combinations. When Num Lock is on, the characters that come out are usually different from the key pressed.

To turn off Num Lock, please press the “Fn” and “NumLk” keys for keyboard simultaneously. For some types of laptops, pressing “Capas Lock” and “NumLk” can also turn it off. Please contact customer support from your laptop manufacturer to find out how to turn off Num Lock if the two combinations above don’t work.

3. Driver Problem

Problems with the drivers can also cause the keyboard to not work properly. According to PCMag, this usually happens when you install third-party software, get infected with viruses, and so on. To check it, please open the Device Manager then look at the keyboard.

4. Perform a System Restore

If you believe that the keyboard is not working properly after installing a program, then try to perform a system restore. The trick for Windows 8 and Windows 7, open the Start Menu then search “Recovery”. As for Windows XP, click Start → All Programs → Accessories → System Tools, then select System Restore. As information, for you can going to macbook air replacement keys for your needed.

By doing this system restore, your laptop will return to the state before you installed the problematic program. Various programs that were installed after installing the problematic program will automatically disappear. Therefore, first back up various important data before doing it. As information, for you can going to macbook air replacement keys for your needed.