Did you know streaming OTT on broadband connections is a treat!

What is OTT? Here's everything you need to know

OTT platforms have become a major source of entertainment for viewers today. Every day new content like movies, web series, documentaries, etc., are being added to an already large library of content of these platforms. There’s just so much good content to see out there compared to when only one new movie would be premiered on your TV once a week! 

Streaming OTT content requires a good wifi connection. You need to choose an ISP that offers high speed and enough bandwidth to watch videos online without buffering. Your mobile data is not enough for online OTT streaming. 

Did you know according to Netflix you exhaust 1 GB of your data per hour for watching a SD video? If you watch your favourite online shows in high definition, you can use up to 3GB of data per hour on Netflix! Disney+Hotstar takes up to 1.5 GB of data per hour for high-definition streaming. Most users these days opt for daily data limit plan for their prepaid sims. A daily limit of 1.5 GB or 2 GB is clearly not enough for online streaming. Therefore, it is advisable to watch your favourite online shows using a fast internet broadband connection. 

Moreover, streaming OTT on broadband is much better than streaming it on mobile data. Here’s why.

Why use broadband connection to online stream from OTT apps?

As discussed above, the foremost reason for using a broadband connection instead of mobile data is that your mobile internet is just not enough for online streaming. 

Broadband offers more bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data which can be transmitted across a path in the given time. It basically refers to the capacity of the connection. Broadband connections offer more capacity than a mobile data. Thanks to this, you can easily stream your OTT shows online without any interruptions and use the internet for several other devices simultaneously. More bandwidth also translates to better speed.

If you use your mobile data for OTT, first, it will be exhausted in an hour or so and second, you won’t be able to power other devices which require internet. 

Watch your shows in better video quality

Most of the OTT shows online are available in 4K video resolution. Some of the videos are also available in 8K online. If you wish to stream these high-quality videos, you will need a fast internet broadband connection. 

Download online content easily

OTT apps like Netflix or Disney+Hotstar allow users to download their content and make it available for offline viewing. Downloading any thing online requires very fast internet connection. Mobile data can’t fulfill that parameter.

Therefore, it’s better to use a broadband connection to download online content for offline viewing. You can watch the downloaded episodes of a series or a new movie while on a flight or train. You can also do the same with YouTube. If you want to download YouTube videos, the process is a little different than OTT platforms. Just search for ‘how to download YouTube video’ to get detailed steps. 

If you are a smart TV user, you usually must be watching OTT on your TV. A broadband connection can easily run your smart TV and OTT apps simultaneously without continuous buffering. 

Therefore, if you wish to have an interruption free online OTT streaming experience, always use a broadband connection and wifi to watch your favourite shows on OTT platforms. Happy viewing!

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