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How to use assertions in Java

Composing packages that operate appropriately at runtime can be difficult. This is mainly because our assumptions about how our code will behave when executed are often incorrect. Employing Java’s assertions characteristic is a person way to validate that your programming logic is sound.

This tutorial introduces Java assertions. You’ll first understand what assertions are and how to specify and use them in your code. Following, you are going to learn how to use assertions to enforce preconditions and postconditions. Eventually, you will review assertions with exceptions, and obtain out why you require the two in your code.

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Obtain the source code for illustrations in this tutorial. Designed by Jeff Friesen for JavaWorld.

What are Java assertions?

Just before JDK one.4, builders often used remarks to document assumptions about system correctness. Feedback are ineffective as a system for tests and debugging assumptions, nevertheless. The compiler ignores remarks, so there is no way to use them for bug detection. Developers also usually do not update remarks when changing code.  

In JDK one.4, assertions were being released as a new system for tests and debugging assumptions about our code. In essence, assertions are compilable entities that execute at runtime, assuming you have enabled them for system tests. You can system assertions to notify you of bugs where the bugs happen, considerably cutting down the amount of money of time you would or else devote debugging a failing system.

Assertions are used to codify the prerequisites that render a system appropriate or not by tests problems (Boolean expressions) for correct values, and notifying the developer when such problems are bogus. Employing assertions can considerably improve your self esteem in the correctness of your code.

How to generate an assertion in Java

Assertions are implemented by using the assert assertion and java.lang.AssertionError class. This assertion starts with the key word assert and continues with a Boolean expression. It is expressed syntactically as follows:

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