Milgard vs. Simonton: How Do These Two Brands of Replacement Windows Compare?

Milgard vs. Simonton Windows: Which Are Better for the Bay Area?

When looking into replacement windows for your home, researching brands on the internet can get very confusing very quickly. There are so many brands available—including those you’ve heard of and those you haven’t. Reading online customer reviews doesn’t always clear things up either, as some reviewers will say a certain brand of replacement windows is the absolute best, while others will warn you to steer clear of that same brand. Who do you believe?

One of the problems with customer reviews is that most homeowners aren’t replacement window experts. They may be excited about their shiny new windows right after they are installed and leave a glowing review, but few will go back years later to post an update about how their windows have held up, or even how they performed in different seasons (hot, cold, rainy, etc.). Because of that, it’s hard to be sure, based on customer reviews alone, what brand of windows would be best for your home.

Two popular brands of replacement windows are Milgard and Simonton. Both brands have multiple lines of windows within their brands, with many upgrades available within each line, so homeowners have lots of options from which to choose. Both also come with at least a lifetime warranty that covers the windows in case of any manufacturing defects. 

Michal Kuron who owns Custom Exchange Windows in Pleasanton, California and is a veteran of the replacement window industry, had this to say about the two brands: “While both Simonton and Milgard are both very popular brands, I prefer Simonton windows over Milgard. Simonton windows tend to hold up better over time, and the company has great customer service. Their prices are fair when compared to the quality of their windows, making them a great value for most homeowners. When it comes to Milgard Vs Simonton, I would choose Simonton every time! Our customers who have had them installed in their homes are quite pleased with their performance and durability.”

Kuron continued, “That being said, the performance of whatever replacement windows you buy will depend largely on the quality of the installation. So, it’s important to work with a replacement window company with experienced installers.”

You also want to take note of the standardized ratings of the replacement windows you are considering. Ratings by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) can help you compare a window’s insulating properties, how much natural light the window allows into your home, and the amount of air leakage. The NFRC is an unbiased third party that tests and certifies just about every replacement window product on the market. Learning how to read their various ratings can be a game changer for homeowners shopping for replacement windows!