Roborock S6 MaxV Review: A Robot Vac That Avoids Dog Poop

I adore robot vacuums. They’re like dishwashers and microwaves in their utility and virtual invisibility—once you have 1, you just can’t reside with out it. In recent several years, they’ve all gotten a good deal much better at suction and navigating our peculiar home layouts. So how do robot vacs stand out in an progressively crowded area? They do some thing unique.

The Roborock S6 MaxV aims to explicitly handle the most feared robot vacuum urban legend: doggy poop. It is really horrifying to check out, but several bot vacs will run into a pile of doggy poop and merrily spread it all around the home with out realizing it.

The S6 MaxV uses a stereoscopic dual-camera method and ReactiveAI to recognize pet squander and give it a vast berth in your home.

I individually want a far more streamlined (and less costly) bot vac, but I have to acknowledge that the Roborock does a very good task. It is really rapid, effective, and strong. The app has also gotten much easier to use considering the fact that I analyzed the E20 (make confident you might be employing the Roborock app, not the Mi Dwelling 1). You can tinker endlessly with your property map, painstakingly assigning different rooms, no-go zones, and no-mop zones. If you might be housetraining a new pet, this may well be the ideal vac for you.

Discovering Your Way

Most robot vacuums navigate via a combination of different sensors: Bump sensors to preserve it from running into partitions, cliff sensors underneath the vacuum to glimpse for drops, and optical sensors on the sides or top to check for obstacles.

Substantial-end robot vacuums like the iRobot Roomba S9+ use complex 3D sensors and approach knowledge exceptionally rapid as they shift. Even so, it may well be a minor much easier to comprehend the S6 MaxV’s method, due to the fact it truly is similar to the 1 in our heads. Like a pair of eyeballs in the front of the vac, two cameras and ReactiveAI not check for obstacles, and identify them.

After you start the robot vacuum and join it to your Wi-Fi, the app immediately asks you if you have a pet. I do, so I mentioned sure. Given that I’m reviewing this factor, I then expended way much too lengthy in my front property, searching at a pile of old doggy poop and thinking if I must put it on my living space flooring.

Photograph: Roborock

Sadly, I chickened out. As an alternative, I put minor palm-sized piles of multicolored Lego constructions in the living space. At first, the S6 MaxV did not leave them untouched. It did force around 1 little construction that my 3-12 months-old insisted was a brachiosaurus (yeah ideal, kid). But following a couple of days, I checked the map to discover that it was, without a doubt, thoroughly circling all-around the unknown obstacles.

I truly feel relatively assured that ReactiveAI would be ready to identify doggy poop. It nailed the other types of difficulties objects in my home, like power strips, shoes, and pedestals. These are all things that been troublesome when I have analyzed robot vacs in the earlier. It pinpointed them, and it didn’t get stuck. After it’s completed cleaning, you can check the bot vac’s route in the app and check for pictures.

A word about robot vacuum cameras: A robot vacuum with a video clip camera is not a new innovation. I’ve attempted quite a few. A person that shall stay nameless woke up on its possess, trundled out from below the sofa, turned to glimpse at our babysitter although she was examining, and went back to the dock. It was alarming.

A Wi-Fi-enabled camera that can shift all-around your property appears like a really tempting goal for hackers, specially 1 that transfers pictures to the cloud. Even so, I can also see why some persons may well discover it useful. If you should have a camera, Roborock uses a Qualcomm stability characteristic on the chipset that means that firmware can’t be modified or put in with out authorization from Roborock. On the other hand, considering the fact that the robot vacuum uses the camera to navigate, the camera can’t be taped around or turned off.

Isle of Dogs

At two.five kPa of suction force, the S6 MaxV is very dang strong. For comparison, a hand vacuum normally has a suction power of about kPa. That also means that it’s loud. On greatest mode, I measured it at seventy five decibels on balanced mode, it was about 70 decibels. Which is much too loud to maintain a conversation or check out tv in the similar space although it’s running.

To preserve it quieter, you can assign different power modes to different rooms on the map. And max power actually does work. It sucked up doggy hair that’s usually so embedded I need a weighty force vacuum. Our entryway was distinct of grit, and the edges below my kitchen table are now no cost from cracker crumbs. It also didn’t drop off my kitchen stage, a fall from which several autonomous vacuums have fulfilled a terrible destiny.

The S6 MaxV is also rapid, with an extremely lengthy-lived battery. It cleaned four hundred square toes in my home in forty minutes, and with eighty per cent battery daily life left. It can run for up to 3 hours, when most bot vacs that I’ve attempted run out of battery following fewer than two.

That prolonged battery daily life would come in useful if you mop immediately following you vacuum. I myself discover the mopping characteristic of doubtful utility. 1st, you should designate mop zones, clip on the mop attachment, and fill the very small reservoir. If you will not want to decide on it up and shift it on your own, you need to involve a mopping route for the mop from the dock. Even on max h2o, the cleaning fabric scarcely received moist.

It is really so much far more hard work than just grabbing a Swiffer, but it may well be really worth it if you discover mopping unusually gross or just wouldn’t do it if you didn’t have a robot mop. It is exceptionally rapid it cleaned my kitchen in below 8 minutes!

It may well appear to be absurd to pay out this much cash for a robotic vacuum with such a precise use case as having a new pup. Even so, this use case transpires to be why some persons get robot vacuums. As a reviewer who has a doggy resting its head on her foot as she writes this, I can see why a pet proprietor would want a robot vacuum that can see poop piles and de-fur your carpets with all the power of a deadly tornado. If there are nonetheless any canine at your area shelter, choosing up an S6 MaxV alongside with it in all probability wouldn’t be a terrible thought.