A 440-mile-long “Megaflash” Enters the Record Books as the Longest Lightning Bolt Ever Observed

Imagine a lightning bolt igniting in a giant thunderstorm about San Diego and then shooting north virtually all the way to San Francisco.

If that looks not possible, take into account that just such a prodigious lightning flash has now been confirmed — not in SoCal but in South The united states. It took place on Halloween of 2018, when a technique of enormous thunderstorms boiled up about southern Brazil and spawned a one bolt stretching throughout 440 miles, from the Atlantic coastline all the way into Argentina.

Longest Lightning Bolt

Satellite impression displaying the report extent of a lightning flash about Brazil Oct 31, 2018. (Supply: Earth Meteorological Corporation)

Late very last month, the Earth Meteorological Corporation qualified it as the longest one lightning flash on report. This much surpasses the preceding report of 199.5 miles, set by a flash on June 20, 2007 about Oklahoma.

WMO’s Committee on Weather conditions and

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