Subsurface event reveals what lies below the cloud data lake

There is a lot desire in cloud details lakes, an evolving technology that can permit companies to much better deal with and examine details.

At the Subsurface digital convention on July 30, sponsored by details lake engine vendor Dremio, companies such as Netflix and Exelon Utilities, outlined the systems and approaches they are applying to get the most out of the details lake architecture.

The primary assure of the fashionable cloud details lake is that it can independent the compute from storage, as properly as support to stop the risk of lock-in from any a single vendor’s monolithic details warehouse stack.

In the opening keynote, Dremio CEO Billy Bosworth stated that, whilst there is a ton of hoopla and desire in details lakes, the goal of the convention was to appear below the surface area — as a result the conference’s identify.

“What is actually truly important in this

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