Images From Space Reveal the Dramatic Extent of Flooding in the Mississippi Valley

Even though we’re only at the beginning of March, springlike flooding has been plaguing communities in the Deep South for weeks now.

The distress has resulted from major rains that just won’t allow up.

It all proceeds these days (Wednesday, March 4), with far more rain, serious thunderstorms, and flash flooding forecast across much of the Deep South — from Texas to Florda, and which include the especially tough-hit southern Mississippi Valley. It’s part of the exact sample that in the overnight hours of Tuesday spawned Tennessee’s devastating tornadoes. At minimum 25 people today have died.

The continued rain is possible to worsen the flooding arising from January’s and February’s deluges. That flooding is radically apparent in wrong-coloration satellite pictures combining visible and infrared sights, this kind of as the 1 higher than.

Spots wherever rivers have overflowed their banks and spread out together their floodplains are rendered in deep

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