‘Star Trek: Picard,’ Fancy Sheets, and the Meaning of Home

Star Trek: Picard, the new reloading of the Star Trek: The Subsequent Generation (TNG) universe, explores present-day disasters—refugees denied havens, racist paranoia, journey bans, genocide—but, if I could, I’d like to land into this earth on its soft furnishings. One particular often disappointing aspect in science fiction is the lack of heat, homey décor. The interiors of the distant long term have a tendency to be glassily austere, as cozy as a skyscraper boardroom. TNG did offer you some creature comforts, but let us just say Architectural Digest’s 24th-century editors won’t be hailing the Company-D for a YouTube tour. If you viewed the aged demonstrate, you are going to try to remember the normal-issue puce armchairs, puce banquettes, puce mattresses. You could possibly have gotten a glimpse of iridescent bedding prior to your favored crew member bolted up from an uneasy dream. I’d have nightmares, as well, if my

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