The LG V60 ThinQ challenges the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 for stylus champ


Frequent readers know I have been shopping for Samsung Galaxy Notice devices considering the fact that as early as 2012 with the Notice II, and I continue my annual upgrade since the S Pen allows me perform efficiently. I was upset the Galaxy Fold did not have S Pen aid, but I maintain out hope for the potential to lengthen the use of the S Pen.

Nevertheless, right after three weeks with the $900 LG V60 ThinQ, I continue to discover capabilities and functions that persuade me it is the most effective smartphone at any time manufactured by LG, and it rivals other individuals at a value hundreds a lot less than competing flagships. I observed the video down below from Juan Carlos Bagnell a week ago and promptly purchased my Bamboo Ink stylus. It arrived a few of days ago and Samsung may perhaps have just been trumped by LG for best stylus use.

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A single of the key approaches in which the LG V60, with the Twin Screen cover, bests the Samsung Galaxy Notice 10 Plus is that you can use a Wacom stylus on both equally 6.eight-inch shows. Mixed with some other exclusive capabilities of the LG V60, this cell phone must significantly be considered if you are a stylus admirer.

Wacom Bamboo Ink stylus

There is no silo for the huge Wacom Bamboo Ink stylus, but it is exceptionally comfy to maintain for prolonged intervals, and there is a clip on the pen to protected it to your shirt. It weighs in at just 19.8g with the battery. The Bamboo Ink actions 145mm in length with a diameter of nine.5mm.

The Bamboo Ink stylus is driven by an AAAA battery. A single is provided in the deal, with an predicted battery lifestyle of fifteen months with two several hours of use a working day. Provided how capable the LG V60 experience is, you may perhaps be utilizing it for more than two several hours a working day, but will even now get prolonged battery lifestyle from the stylus.

There are two buttons — A and B — on the stylus, and as you will examine down below and see in the gallery, LG delivers certain aid for this precise stylus configuration. Wacom Active ES is applied to connect to your cell phone, not Bluetooth.

A medium nib is installed in the Bamboo Ink stylus in the box. You can acquire added delicate, medium, and organization nibs if you prefer a diverse degree of experience to the stylus tip.


LG V60 pen software program

Immediately after setting up the AAAA battery into the Bamboo Ink stylus, push and maintain the two buttons for a few of seconds until eventually the centre indicator gentle is activated. Tap the stylus onto your LG V60 display and the pen options must appear on the display screen.

The key pen options display, readily available less than Extensions > Pen, reveals you accessibility to more options for pen vital shortcuts and pen pop shortcuts — with toggles for memo preview, drawing sound, and exhibit pointer. The exhibit pointer choice is useful to know when you are within just assortment of the display so that your 4 many pen vital shortcuts purpose.

Tap on pen vital shortcuts to see 4 options to personalize the two keys (A and B) on the Bamboo Ink stylus. Each and every vital has push-and-maintain-down options. The keys can be applied when the stylus is near sufficient to the display, the motive you want the pointer to appear on the display. I have the adhering to set up on my LG V60:

  • Push A vital: Open up Preserve Notes
  • Maintain A vital: Screenshot (super useful for reviewers)
  • Push B vital: Pen Pop
  • Maintain B vital: Pen options (I will modify this choice before long)

Pen Pop shortcuts are related to Air Actions on the Galaxy Notice S Pen. You can toggle on up to five things to appear for Pen Pop, which include any application you have installed on your LG V60. Stylus certain options, which mimic the S Pen, include things like:

  • New memo: Opens up the LG QuickMemo+ application for easy notetaking
  • GIF seize: Pops up a window in which you placement about a playing video to seize and make a GIF. You can resize the window to suit about your video way too.
  • Attract chat: A window appears at the base exactly where you can make swift recordings with the stylus. I get pleasure from building custom notes for my wife and sending them by using textual content.
  • Swift textual content: Switches the textual content entry window from the LG keyboard, this ought to be your default keyboard, into an vacant window exactly where you enter textual content by way of fast handwriting to textual content. It operates incredibly nicely and is anything I am utilizing more each individual working day.
  • Pop lens: For us about 50, acquiring the capacity to amplify elements of the display is super useful. A window appears that you can go all over on possibly display to see the display screen devoid of needing readers. A solitary tap also switches the content within just the window into darkish manner.
  • Coloring ebook: Opens up the coloring ebook folder within just QuickMemo+ with a wide range of blank coloring guides that you can select to shade on one of your shows. You can even make your individual coloring site from photographs you have on your cell phone.
  • Scratch artwork: A element within just QuickMemo+ opens up for your creativity. Scratch artwork is a portray approach exactly where many shades are layered less than a darkish area so you then use the stylus to reveal the shades.
  • Screen memo: You can be utilizing an application and write a take note suitable on the display when continuing to use the other application less than your take note. The only portion saved to QuickMemo+ is the published stylus content. Various pen measurements and shades are readily available with transparency concentrations way too.

As you can see there are really a few options for Pen Pop and some are even better than what Samsung features. I especially like the capacity to quickly make a Screen Memo when functioning with a further application, as there is a lot less probability I will forget my passing considered. Remember, you can perform with both equally shows, way too, so I’ve been acquiring Pop lens on one display to examine textual content when acquiring Attract chat on the other display to make stylus recordings. The LG V60 is a stylus powerhouse.


A single of the most common points I do with the S Pen on a Galaxy Notice is to make memos when the display is off. Guess what? You can also do that with the LG V60 and a Wacom stylus. Make guaranteed the toggle is on for a display screen-off memo within just the Extensions > Shortcuts space of the machine options. Then only push the quantity up vital twice to transform on display screen-off memo and write to your heart’s content.

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Each day use and encounters

A big differentiator in between the LG V60 and Galaxy Notice encounters is the absence of Bluetooth Air Actions aid, but admittedly, I find these gimmicky and only tried out them out on the Notice 10 Plus for the duration of the critique time period. The Bluetooth features of the S Pen also involves the S Pen be charged up and there is constrained battery lifestyle with that stylus.

The S Pen is hassle-free since it is installed within just the Notice 10, but it is also really modest and gentle. I prefer the design of the Bamboo Ink stylus and am loving the LG V60 experience. This functionality on the LG V60 is surely building me imagine twice about a Notice twenty acquire that will very likely expense hundreds more than the LG V60.

I was frankly really stunned by the substantial pen aid embedded in the LG V60, acquiring software program that almost matches the Notice sequence flawlessly. The added aid for the second display is a gamechanger way too and gives us all a glimpse of what may perhaps be coming in the Microsoft Surface area Duo later on this year.

The LG V60 battery continues to blow me absent with display screen on moments exceeding 7 to 8 several hours, and the cell phone long lasting a few of days with decent use. In comparison to the new S20 sequence, it has battery-preserving capabilities these types of as a absence of super substantial resolution and absence of one hundred twenty Hz display refresh aid.

The stylus aid on the LG V60 has further embedded my key T-Cell SIM into the LG V60, and I am loving the experience of the Bamboo Ink stylus in my hand. This blend is building me write more on the display, and I am thrilled by the aid. LG must think about bundles with this stylus and hefty advertising suitable now at a time when the next Galaxy Notice is even now months absent from launching.