UK organisations face significant data sharing challenges, but intend to share more anyway

Data mobility is a challenge for many organisations

Info mobility is a challenge for lots of organisations

Organisations are struggling with regulatory and other worries in the way they share data with partners, admitting that they deal with troubles outside the house their control. On the other hand, most continue to prepare to share much more data in long run.

Which is according to Computing‘s latest investigate into data sharing practices.

The investigate shows that just beneath fifty percent of United kingdom-based organisations share data with concerning just one and 3 exterior partners, with 20 for each cent sharing data with 4 to six partners, and 27 for each cent sharing data with 10 or much more.

Twenty for each cent of organisations admitted that they area consumer issues outside the house of their control possibly ‘quite frequently’, or ‘very frequently’.

Although most organisations felt that this data sharing has boosted both of those observability and interoperability,

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